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Health & Wellness by the beach of Sri Lanka

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For Guests Seeking Personalized Ayurveda Treatment in Sri Lanka

The Privilege Ayurveda resort is located in the small hamlet of Wadduwa, just 35 Km away from the capital Colombo. Wadduwa, a beach town renowned for its long history with indigenous medicines is home to The Privilege Ayurveda Resort

The Privilege is a destination that lets you discover authentic Ayurveda in Sri Lanka with an extensive range of soothing treatments & best Ayurveda massages in Sri Lanka. We are experts in Ayurveda treatment and Panchakarma treatment in Sri Lanka. We are passionate to provide authentic treatments for the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation in regaining your health and improvement of your general well-being. We only cater to Ayurveda guest who are staying with us at the hotel making it the perfect destination for your Ayurveda Kur

If you are stressed out and longing to get away to a private hideaway that offers caring and personalized authentic Ayurveda treatment amidst tranquil surroundings and luxurious settings, then The Privilege Sri Lanka Ayurveda hotel is perfect for you.

With a gorgeous colonial setting and palm fringed, fertilizer free garden with over a 100 types of trees that opens out directly to the beach and the breathtaking Indian Ocean, we offer our valued guests a distinct unique Ayurveda experience that combines the best of hospitality and Ayurveda care in Sri Lanka, for an unforgettable Ayurveda holiday.

The healing hands of our trained Ayurveda team will ease away all your stresses and strains of your life during your Ayurveda holiday in Sri Lanka with us. Our experienced, well-trained and qualified team of Ayurvedic professionals are uncompromisingly dedicated to the traditional principles of Ayurveda in Sri Lanka, and will take care of your body and mind with the best authentic Ayurveda treatments that are specifically tailored to suit your ailment.

Relieve your stress and worries. Relax in luxurious comfort. Rejuvenate in absolute peace and spend your holidays in Ayurveda Panchakarma hotel in Sri Lanka.

Experienced experts of Ayurveda in Sri Lanka ensure your well-being and you will get tailor made Ayurveda treatment programs.