Family Tour – 9 Days – Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka is one of the best countries in the world to spend your holiday with your family as travel is hassle free. The whole family can enjoy an unforgettable tropical vacation consisting of culture, heritage, beaches, safari’s and beautiful mountain landscapes! Sri Lanka is the perfect country to travel with children as the distance between one location and another is not time consuming or hectic. The kids would have many activities to take part in! We know (from experience) that if the children are not enjoying their holiday then neither are their parents. Sri Lanka being and island is almost a Micro Image of South Asia but without Winter and Snow or any large Desert areas. The families can enjoy holidays throughout the year and in average the climate is similar to European Summer.


    Flight Arrival in Sri Lanka and landing at Colombo Bandaranayke International Airport.  After the completion of your Immigrations, Customs and Security procedures, please proceed to the Meeting Lobby of the arrival Terminal. Meeting with Assistance at the Lobby by our Representative, later your tour chauffeur will pick you at the Exit Gate of the arrival terminal to commence the Tour.

    Negombo has predominantly Catholic & Christian population by faith, after European colonization in 1505. Negombo is called “Little Rome” among the locals and it is apparent due to the large structured churches and large community down almost every street compared to any other city in the Country Traditionally a Fishing Village with catamarans by the beach at the backdrop to the Negombo scenery; which later developed as fishing marketing centre. You can visit Fishing Village & fish market morning is best as you can watch highly active fishing community involved in hauling fish from the sea, also discussing fish pricing and deals. Negombo has been an old Dutch Fort, which was built in 1672. It is situated near the shore and offers a glimpse into the colonization history of Sri Lanka. However, the Fort is now in a state of disrepair.

    Relax leisurely at the beach & stay overnight Negombo.


    After breakfast enjoy an excursion to visit Negombo & Muthurajawela. Muthurajawela boat trip (boat hire with maximum 6 clients) is popular among tourist as a nature reserve visit as a Marshland. The marsh is a major local and tourist attraction, primarily for sightseeing and boating tours, and the area also supports local agriculture and forestry. Visitors to the region are guided through the sanctuary areas by the staff of the Muthurajawela Marsh Centre to avoid serious harm to the marsh ecosystem. The name Muthurajawela can be translated in to English simply as ”the swamp of Royal Treasure.” Treasures of kings in the olden days are believed to be buried in this area. Muthurajawela marsh is situated towards the Southern part of Negombo. The boundaries are the lagoons coastal eco system and the Kelaniya River also 30 km north of Colombo. Muthurajawela bares staggering species of flora and fauna, species of birds, water birds such as herons, egrets are in abundance in the lagoon and the marsh as well as different species of fish. . It is the island’s largest peat bog, and is notable for its unique and highly diverse ecosystem Muthurajawela marsh has been declared as a sanctuary by the government due its vast bio-diversity. The marsh is believed to have originated about 7000 years ago. The region supports 192 distinct species of flora and 209 distinct species of fauna, including Slender Loris, as well as another 102 species of birds. Some of the identified species have been shown to be indigenous to the marsh.

    Return to Negombo for overnight stay at the beach hotel.


    After breakfast travel to the Sigiriya region, check-In at the hotel

    In the afternoon safari tour by jeep in the Minneriya National Park

    Minneriya National Park which is a hot spot for safari lovers because of the abandons of Elephants The 8890 hectares of MINNERIYA NATIONAL PARK is an ideal eco-tourism location in Sri Lanka. The park consists of mixed evergreen forest and scrub areas and is home to Sri Lanka’s favourites such as sambar deer, leopards and elephants.  However the central feature of the park is the ancient Minneriya Tank (built in 3rd century AD by King Mahasena). During the dry season (June to September), this tank is an incredible place to observe the elephants who come to bathe and graze on the grasses as well as the huge flocks of birds (cormorants and painted storks to name but a few) that come to fish in the shallow waters. Early morning and late evening are the optimum observation times of the day for resident and migratory birds. Flock of about 2000 little cormorant (Phalacrocorax niger) diving in the waters of Minneriya reservoir is not a rare scene. In addition painted strokes (Mycteria leucocephala), Great white pelicans (Pelicanus anocrotalus), Ruddy turnstones (Arenaria interpres) and Grey herons (Ardea cinerea) too can be seen. The vegetation of this area consists of mainly dry mixed evergreen forest and much of Sri Lankan wildlife, including elephants.

    Enjoy the overnight stay in the Cultural Triangle.



    After breakfast visit the Sigiriya Rock Fortress and then climb the rock of Sigiriya. Sigiriya located in the north-central part of Sri Lanka which preserves the architectural tradition of the country. The town is famous for its historical rock fortress which is over 1000 years older and has landscaped gardens, water fountains and the sanctuary. The history of Sigiriya dates back to over 5000 thousand years, to the Mesolithic period. One of Sri Lanka’s major attractions and a world heritage site, Sigiriya (Lion Rock) came into prominence in the 5th century A.D., the rock and the colossal plan of the royal palace, water gardens and fortifications, is entirely fascinating. Sigiriya located in the north-central part of Sri Lanka which preserves the architectural tradition of the country. The town is famous for its historical rock fortress which is over 1000 years older and has landscaped gardens, water fountains and the sanctuary. The famous “Sigiriya Apsara or Damsels of Sigiriya ” the frescoes of heavenly maidens add the charming art and the colour to the Rock. Sigiriya has spectacular importance in Sri Lanka. An ancient palace complex, erected during the reign of King Kashyapa, which has been declared by UNESCO a world heritage site

    Next an excursion to Polonnaruwa, site seeing of Polonnaruwa. You can visit the city by hiring bicycles or by vehicle. It is an enjoyable trip for young children! Visit Polonnaruwa the 2nd capital of the Sinhalese kings dating back to the 11th & 12th century A.D. The entire landscape of the region is punctuated by huge man-made reservoirs, Polonnaruwa Kingdom is the second ancient capital city for three centuries, it is a site which cannot be missed in Sri Lanka with many well preserved ruins of palaces and monasteries. Compared to Anuradhapura you can see more brick structures and monuments in addition to the stone monuments, the kings have developed and improved the Temples, Monuments, Lakes, Pagodas and the education among the priests. The Parakrama Samudra (means the Ocean of Parakrama) very large manmade lake is prominent and during rule of The King Parakrama Bahu the Great this has flourished

    Enjoy stay with another overnight at the hotel in the Cultural Triangle


    Enjoy the famous Kandyan cultural program. The famous show starts in the evening and runs for more than 1 hr. The skilled musicians of Kandy, their drums and dance is extremely entertaining and rich with Sri Lankan tradition. After the show there are several kinds of dances and a fire walking show too. Enjoy dinner & stay overnight in the hotel.

    After breakfast leave for Kandy. En-route visit Dambulla. In Sri Lankan history, the Dambulla cave complex dates back to 3rd and 2nd centuries B.C. Even before the making of the complex it was well established as one of the largest monasteries in Sri Lanka. The cave temple of Dambulla is a vast isolated rock mass of 500 ft. have been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The Royal Golden Rock Cave Temple is the formal name of the temple. The rock is a breath taking 350 ft. above ground with a series of five caves. The frescoes on the walls and ceiling of the rock date to the 15th – 18th centuries The area is also known for bird watching,

    You will next visit Nalanda Gedige the Abu Simbel of Sri Lanka. Nalanda Gedige is one out of a number of remarkable archaeological sites in Sri Lanka. Buddhist – Hindu hybrid Architecture and the Sculpture is prominent and unique feature of the site on the way to Kandy visit a spice garden and a batik factory in Matale. Visit to the Matale spice garden. Free visit included in the program you will be introduced to a variety of plants; various parts of those that are used as spices. The tour is an informative one for those interested in cooking and those curious about the assorted use of spices and its herbal value. Children keen in plants and botany will be interested in this educational visit and they could observe many different types of Sri Lankan spices. A batik factory stopover, this visit will give an overview of the practical procedure of the batik handicraft from plain clothes to completed fabric containing immaculate and intricate designs.

    In the afternoon arrive at the hotel in Kandy. Kandy was the last Kingdom of ancient Sri Lanka and the Royal Capital with the King Rule was there until 1815 British Invasion. Also known as the centre of traditional arts in Sri Lanka. Later visit to the temple of the sacred tooth relic of Buddha at the evening ceremony. The Sacred Tooth Palace Temple with the Golden Roof is the main attraction of the city and also the most sacred Buddhist establishment in Sri Lanka also has similar importance among the Buddhist World, as the Great Vatican City and St. Peters Basilica among the World Catholics.

    Overnight stay in Kandy





    After breakfast make a free visit to a tea plantation and a tea factory in Sri Lanka. Tea Plantation is mainly in the Central Highlands in the heart of the Tea Country.  Travel through tea estates and the misty hills of the Central Highlands. You will see tea estates, villages, and local people including tea leaf plucking ladies among Tea Trees is a unique attraction. The steaming heat of the coast around the country gives way to the cooler climes of the hill country and you see a marked drop in temperature as cool mists engulf through tea estates and you see waterfalls, villages and even local people. You can also visit tea factory witness the manufacture of the world famous Ceylon tea. This route is one of the most beautiful routes of Sri Lanka. Situated about 1500 ft above sea level and surrounded by lush tea plantations.

    Then proceed to the Peradeniya Royal Botanical Garden. The royal botanical gardens of Peradeniya which is well known for its large variety of plants the garden is best known for its collection of orchids which is the largest in Asia.  The large variety of plants which have ornamental, decorative, useful & medicinal properties. There are more than 4000 species include indigenous and introduced plants This has been the Royal Garden among the kings historically later developed as Botanical Garden during the British Colonial Era. In the modern history the Garden was used at the Headquarters of the Supreme Commander of South East Asia Command during the World War II

    Enjoy a free sightseeing tour of Kandy City, which has most tourist visitor after Colombo or the 2nd highest tourists visiting city in Sri Lanka; With prominent Bogambara Lake in the centre which is surrounded by the city with road and building planed accordingly. The famous landmark the lake is popular among people walking for leisure or as sports (Jogging) walking; specially in early morning or later in the night and even the tourists promenades as the complete tour around the lake is relaxed due to cool breeze also guests can experience way of life in Kandy. You can visit Kandy Museum too, which is located nearby (adjoining) the Sacred Temple Kandy. Kandy Temple was earlier the Royal Palace of the King and the Queens Quarters has been located in the present Museum, prominently these are Kandyan architect featured buildings.  Mainly the Kandyan Handicraft historical and modern are at display including weapons, jewellery, tools and other artefacts

    In the evening you can view a Cultural Dance which has mainly traditional dances from Kandyan Kingdom these have been maintained, developed gradually and now considered as National Dance which are prominently displayed at State Cultural & National  Events, also among the local population at their Wedding Ceremonies and other private functions.

    Later return to the hotel for the overnight stay.


    After breakfast travel to Pinnawela about one hour drive from Kandy to visit the Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage, one of the most popular attractions in Sri Lanka, it is 80km northeast of Colombo. This is popular as the biggest herds of captive elephants in the world.  Pinnawela elephant Orphanage is the home for about 85 elephants, out of which many were baby elephants found, abandoned or orphaned in the wild. They are being taken care, fed and trained by the wild life authorities. When there are Baby Elephant you can see bottled milk feeding, presently there are now mainly adults Elephants. However you can still watch the elephants bathing in the nearby river in the morning and in the afternoon. This a place you will really enjoy and never forget. Started in 1972 the Elephant Orphanage was relocated to at the present site in 1975pay a visit to the Pinnawela elephant orphanage. The orphanage was established to feed, nurse & house young elephants abandoned by their mothers.

    In Pinnawela there is the Millennium Elephant Foundation, this is a Family owned Non-Government Organization, this has been started to improve Welfare of domestic Elephants in Sri Lanka. They provide Medical Treatment & food for the elephants also operate on request calls Mobile Veterinary unit to treat sick elephants. The foundation also accept volunteers and arrange programs 365 days to work and to take care of the elephants at the centre.

    The Elephant museum, Elephant Walk and Elephant bathing are other activities popular among tourists. You can also buy Natural Paper and Paper Products made from Elephnat Dung.

    Proceed to the beach hotel and relax; Stay overnight at the beach hotel.


    Relax leisurely at the beach hotel with breakfast & stay overnight (optional). Colombo city tour can be arranged free of charge for half a day. Please advise us early to make arrangements.

    In the morning or in the afternoon City tour in Colombo Visit the fascinating city of Colombo, which links the past with the present. You will visit the Fort area, the commercial centre, and Pettah; Colombo’s bustling bazaar area, Cinnamon gardens that comprises of large residences and later on enjoy your free time in Colombo. Colombo is the Commercial Capital of Sri Lanka and the largest city. It is also the commercial and financial centre of Sri Lanka, This is a busy and vibrant city with a mixture of modern life and colonial buildings and ruins. The Colombo harbour was known to Romans, Arabs and Chinese traders over 2000 years ago. The Colombo Fort, the Portuguese established a small trading post they had laid. Colombo has several performing art centres such as Lionel Wendt Theatre, the Elphinstone and the Tower Hall. The Nawaragahala is the country’s first national theatre. The world trade centre, the 40 story Twin tower complex is the important. Independence Square in Cinnamon Gardens is another important landmark. The St. Paul’s Church Milagiriya is one of the oldest churches in Sri Lanka Colombo is an ideal location to start the Sri Lanka journey. Adjacent to Fort is Pettah-Colombo’s leading bazaar district. It has narrow cobbled streets lined with shops and street stalls that offer the most fantastic bargains

    Return to the beach hotel for another night stay.

  9. Day 9 BEACH / AIRPORT

    After breakfast transfer to the airport and the room is available until 12h00. If time permits you and your family can visit Colombo and do some last minute shopping and then transfer to the airport.

Day 1 Goldi Sands Hotel
Day 2 Goldi Sands Hotel
Day 3 Sun Green Resort
Day 4 Sun Green Resort
Day 5 Thilanka Hotel
Day 6 Thilanka Hotel
Day 7 Mount Lavinia Hotel (Ocean View Room)
Day 8 Mount Lavinia Hotel (Ocean View Room)
Day 9 No hotel
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  • Basic Jeep to visit reserve included for a half day – (Entrance fees for the reserve to be paid directly by clients). If for any reason the mentioned reserve is closed we shall make arrangements to visit another reserve.
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  • Personal spending (tips, laundry, mini bar, telephone, fax, beverages etc.)
  • The rights to use video cameras at sites – most places they are free when you pay the entrance fees except at Kandy Tooth Temple & Pinnawela Elephant orphanage there are extra charges for Video camera’s only USD 05 per Video Camera per location.
  • Medical expenses, travel insurance, international flights.
  • Sri Lanka visa charges, USD 35 per person for NON SAARC countries & USD 20 for SAARC countries, can be obtained directly via the internet please visit this site (http://www.eta.gov.lk/). The process is not complicated if you have any difficulty we could make arrangements for same too in 48hrs  to obtain same if details are provided to us by mail. The process is very simple payments can be paid online & with the confirmation document print out & code you have to submit passport on arrival only.  The passport has to be valid for six months from the day of arrival return air tickets & sufficient funds or reservations for the holiday should be with you. Children under 12 years travelling with parent’s visas will be free on arrival.  All others have to obtain a visit visa except for Singaporean & Maldivian passport holders who will be provided free visas on arrival.





Number of clients Comfort category (USD)
02 $740 Per Person
04 $645 Per Person


  • All entrance fees as per program to be paid directly in Sri Lanka Rupees and it will cost around USD 191 per person. Please change foreign currency in to SLRS at the airport after customs, there are many 24hrs bank counters at the airport as all these payments have to be made only in SLRS. No credit card payments are accepted at these sites.  Subject to change slightly sometimes details are provided with rates as applicable at the moment. (Children under 12 years will be charged half rate 50%)
  •  Kandy Perahara Period for ten nights from 25th july to 04th August 2020 (Per room per night, only if clients are spending the night in Kandy during the Perahara Period)
    SupplementUSD 60USD 60
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