The Dutch Canal

Among the tourist attractions, The Dutch Canal, Negombo is a must visit for the tourists. If a tourist wishes to view the country from a different angle he or she must pay a visit to The Dutch Canal, Negombo. The Dutch Canal, Negombo was used for the purpose of a supply route in the times of the Dutch administration. The canal is still being used. It runs across the town and is hundred kilometers long.

The Dutch Canal, Negombo, used to serve as a supply to the Dutch administration along with the Old Churches and fishing villages during the Dutch rule. A tourist can take a tour of the canal through a boat or a bicycle ride. It was constructed by the Dutch people from Colombo in the south to Puttalam in the north. The Dutch Canal, Negombo flows across Negombo.The canals of Negombo were named by the Arabian geographers as the “Gobbs of Serendib”. The canals dotted the Western Coastline. Its strength and importance was first evaluated by the Dutch people. They were the one who created these canals. These canals offered both easy and economical means of transportation of goods from the outlying areas of the ports.

From the mountain ranges various rivers of Sri Lanka flows down. These rivers flow across the flat lands. Sandbars are accumulated at the mouth of the rivers with the help of the sand and soils that come down along with the rivers. Now the water overflows due to the obstruction and gives birth to lagoons and lakes. Links between these lakes and lagoons were made by the canals.If a tourist wants to soothe his spirits, he should visit Negombo. One can sit under the shades of palm and enjoy the sun kissed.